• Developed a Python app using OpenCV library to teach toddlers over 100+ words by detecting handheld objects Realtime and announcing nouns to toddlers; 15% better memory retention based on BabyLex exam


• Recreated Apple’s Measurement App as an open-source Realtime dimension measurement web app by calculating distance measurement of photo image with 90% accuracy and tolerance of 0.05 inches


Jul 2020 - Sep 2020

AI Research Intern


• Aided in the management and development of the new Labeler App, an integrated tool to label, train, and deploy your AI models and collaborated with technical lead to learn about image-process and GAN training

o Analyzed data from over 1,000,000 diversified images and used outputs to guide AI and modeling development; decreased wait time by 15%, and 10% increase in peak load

o Managed 300 hires with social platforms to organize work activity and inform hires of upcoming GAN training events; reduced onboarding time by 50%, 85%-member satisfaction based on monthly survey

• Learned about GAN training, possible mode collapse, object detection to cultivate a greater understanding and led to the development of the open source labeling web app, Labeler 2.0, to identify over 200 company logos
Jul 2019 - Aug 2019
Cambridge, MA

Research Assistant

NYU - Applied Dynamics & Optimization Lab

• Led the transition to an energy-first practice by implementing a volt-management system and a faster, safer, and more accurate energy-efficient motor actuation program; reduced energy usage by 15% and CPU load by 10%

• Overhauled the obsolete legacy source code of a biped walking robot to regulate optimal robotic movements based on energy expenditure, resulting in increased usability and decreased startup time by 50%

• Awarded the Pinkerton Science Scholar and listed contributor to the National Science Foundation-Sponsored project ($500,000) alongside with the project director and three select PhD candidates
Sep 2018 - Dec 2019


National Museum of Mathematics Inc

• Designed monthly math training and education programs with a team of 10 for paid student classes of over 300 students to increased customer retention by 45%

• Interacted with over 300+ Museum visitors by explaining and interpreting its cutting edge, engaging math exhibits in a team of 10 to educate students on projectiles, laminar flow, and mathematical patterns


Programming: Python (NumPy, OpenCV, PtQy5) • Java • JavaScript • HTML/CSS
Technologies: Git • Docker • Mathematica
Tools: Microsoft Suite • Figma • Canva
Other: Writing • Research • Public Speaking • Teaching
Languages: English